Trusted Home Inspectors Servicing Nashua, New Hampshire

While the Green House Home Inspections office is located in Manchester, New Hampshire, we also offer our home inspections in Nashua, New Hampshire.  We provide residential inspection services on existing homes as well as new construction home inspections. It is imperative that you find a trustworthy and experienced home inspector to evaluate your current or future home and we pride ourselves on being just that.   

Home Inspection Services Provided

Residential Home Inspections

Green House Home Inspections offers a full line of home inspection services in the Nashua, New Hampshire area.  We thoroughly evaluate all components of the subject property and expose unknown defects that can affect the value of the home. This helps home buyers and sellers make informed decisions about future maintenance and take the stress out of the selling/purchasing process.  

New Construction Home Inspections

You may be wondering why a home inspection may be necessary on a new construction home when they are so closely monitored by a building department.  Many new homebuyers feel that way, however it could be a costly mistake. Homebuyers cannot always count of the local code enforcement to catch issues that a thorough home inspection can.  Completing a new construction home inspection has several benefits, including the ability catch mistakes and problems before the project is completed. With many new construction homes being built in Nashua, New Hampshire, our new construction home inspections are invaluable.  

Additional Services Provided

Why Choose Green House Home Inspections for Your Home Inspection in Nashua

As knowledgeable home inspectors, we take the time and effort that is necessary to carefully evaluate the structure of your home despite its age.  In addition, the home inspections in Nashua, New Hampshire provided by Green House Home Inspections will identify any issues that may cause problems in the future.  With this trustworthy information, you will be able to have these problems corrected in the most cost-efficient manner. When looking for a home inspector for a pre-owned or newly constructed home in Nashua, New Hampshire, look no further than Green House Home Inspection.  Call us today to get started on an assessment that can improve your home buying or selling experience.