Choose Green House Home Inspection for Your Pre-Listing Inspection

Planning on putting your home up for sale? Green House Home Inspection provides sellers pre-listing inspections in Manchester, New Hampshire. Our experts will help you feel confident when standing up to the scrutiny of potential buyers. Our goal is to ensure that contracts do not fall through on your home because of potential problems or unknown issues.  

Benefits of a Pre-listing Inspection

Sellers should consider a pre-listing inspection in Manchester, New Hampshire prior to posting up that “For Sale” sign. It is important that buyers identify potential defects in their home and make the necessary repairs ahead of time. By doing this early on, the listing will become more attractive and the property is more likely to sell. It is easier for sellers to handle repairs prior to the listing rather than having them be identified after the fact.

Another reason to complete a sellers pre-listing inspection is to provide the potential buyers with a feeling of confidence. When potential buyers see a clean inspection and that the seller utilized a trusted professional to complete that inspection, they are more comfortable with moving forward with making an offer. Knowing that there are no major defects in the property to address will make it easier for the potential buyer to determine how much they can comfortable spend when purchasing the home.

Hiring a pre-listing inspector can also aid as a pricing tool. A more realistic listing price can be decided upon when an inspection report from our company is completed. If you find out that a certain system within your home shows significant signs of wear and tear, you can either choose to fix that issue ahead of time like mentioned above, or take the issue left “as is” into consideration when pricing your home for sale.  

Get a Pre-listing Home Inspection

Green House Home Inspections firmly stands behind the importance of sellers pre-listing inspections in Manchester, New Hampshire. A sellers pre-listing home inspection ensures that the home is ready for future buyers and will help you address any potential repairs, minor or major, in the most cost-effective manner. The piece of mind knowing that any last minute disruptions when completing a sale can be avoided makes the cost of a pre-listing inspector worth the investment.