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Many homeowners are often reluctant to admit to potential buyers that their homes have been damaged by termites.  Many lending institutions and banks will even sometimes require that a home be inspected for damage from wood destroying insects before allowing the closing of the home sale. Green House Home Inspections provides clients looking for a wood-destroying insect inspection in Manchester, New Hampshire with exceptional service.

Types of Insect Inspections

Termite Home Inspection

Termites are a type of wood-destroying insect that eat wood from the inside out.  Our termite home inspectors will search and see if there is a presence of these small pests in your home.  Because of the costly amount of damage termites can cause if left undetected, it is advised that a termite inspection be completed on your home every couple of years, depending on where the home is located.

Carpenter Ants Home Inspection

Carpenter ants are not only quite the nuisance, they also have the ability to cause significant structural damage to your home.  Because carpenter ants can survive both outdoors and indoors, hiring a carpenter ant inspector can be a long-term money saver when it comes to protecting the wood inside and outside of your home.   Our technicians are skilled in locating exactly where in your home carpenter ants are hiding so they can quickly and effectively eliminate the problem.

Wood Boring Beetles Inspection

If you have noticed signs of wood boring beetles such as eggs, wood borer larvae, or tunnels or exit holes on your wood, it is crucial that you contact an insect home inspector.  Regular inspections and monitoring of past or existing wood boring beetle issues will help ensure a quick infestation solution, therefore reducing the risks of long term damage.

Carpenter Bees Inspection

When conducting a home inspection, carpenter bee evidence is usually most often found in homes with wood trim or siding.  By completing a carpenter bee inspection, any potential problem can be cured relatively easily and prevent future damage.

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Electing to invest in a wood-destroying insect inspection in Manchester, New Hampshire is an investment a potential buyer or seller should strongly consider. We look forward to speaking with you regarding your inspection needs.