Home Inspections in Salem, New Hampshire

Green House Home Inspections in Salem, New Hampshire provides professional and knowledgeable service to those looking to buy a new home.  Buying a home is one of the most important and challenging decisions you will make, and we strive to make the home inspection process as easy as possible.

Home Inspection Services Provided

Residential Home Inspections

Green House Home Inspections is proud to provide residential inspection services in Salem, New Hampshire. All elements of the home are thoroughly inspected by our experienced staff, ensuring that all potential issues are discovered before closing.  Potential buyers can feel confident that Green House will provide you with a home inspector that will make your buying or selling process stress-free.

New Construction Home Inspections

Hiring a house inspector for a new construction home is just as crucial and valuable as hiring a house inspector for an already existing home.  Green House Home Inspections in Salem, New Hampshire will help you identify potential issues that the local code enforcement who oversees newly built homes may not be able to.  With the popularity of new construction homes being on the rise, our Green House home inspectors are fully prepared to ensure your new home is completed to the highest standard.

Additional Services Provided

  • Sellers Pre-Listing Inspection

  • Commercial Building Inspection

  • Radon Air Testing

  • Septic Inspection

  • Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

  • Water Quantity & Quality Testing

Why Choose Green House Home Inspections for Your Home Inspection in Salem

With experienced staff and a range of home inspection service options, Green House is confident we can make your buying or selling process positive and successful.  Green House services several areas in New Hampshire and is proud to serve the Salem, New Hampshire area. Where you are looking to have an existing home inspected or are in the process of building a new construction home, you can feel confident that our company will put in the time and effort needed to save you from costly problems in the future.  Contact us today for a consultation regarding your home inspection or new construction home inspection.